Las Tierras Raras or REEs are critical to the transition to clean energy.

Biolantánidos is a Rare Earth project of the ionic clay type, which makes it the first economic discovery of Rare Earths in Chile and one of the few of its kind worldwide that is located outside of China.

Return on investment (ROI)

  • The sale of BioLantánidos represented a multiple of 4x for our investors who trusted us to develop this innovative project.

Growth potential

  • China accounts for 90% of the world’s supply of rare earths.
  • There is significant exploration potential.
  • BioLantánidos was the first rare earth project developed in Chile.


  • The project is located in Penco, Bio-Bio Region.

Energy transition

Rare Earths provide the basic components of:

  • Electric cars
  • Wind turbines.
Aclara Resources
pampa camarones

Pampa Camarones is the only copper producing operation in Arica.

The company was acquired in distress in 2016, and today, thanks to the work developed by Minería Activa and the excellent Pampa Camarones team, the company is solvent, profitable, and has a promising future.


  • The company has a Life of Mine (“LOM”) of seven years.
  • NI 43-101 Reserves.
  • High growth potential as it is located in a region with a low historical level of exploration.

Successful turn-around

  • Executive team and board transformed the company from an open-pit operation to a selective mining operation through an underground mine.


  • Excellent relationship with the communities.
  • The operation receives energy through a solar power plant and water through SIAM.

Financially stable and profitable

  • High cash flow generation capacity.
  • 2021 EBITDA: US$35mm

We are very proud of the work to date at Pampa Camarones. The company complies with the highest ESG standards, contributing to the development of the Camarones community and also being an example for the development of medium-sized green mining in Chile.

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